Top 50 Best Swatch Watches Collection in 2017 by


  1. Swatch Women's Originals GM417 Black Plastic Swiss Quartz Fashion Watch


Time is crucial and more so when you have this colorful watch wrapped around your wrist. This wristwatch by Swatch is not just playful but also functional. Crafted for perfection, you not only get the quality that Swatch is known for, but also trendy features. Get plastic crystal protection and water resistance draped in a bouncy design that will match all your outfits.

Swatch| $54.00

  1. Swatch Swatch SKINCIEL Unisex Watch SVOS100


The divine combination of blue strap and a silver dial is trendy and a wardrobe must have for any girl. Swatch has designed this watch to stand out and for all the right reasons. Water resistance and fine quality plastic body are just few of the many features that come packed with this watch. If you need a bit of fashion with accuracy of a time piece, then this one will be worth every penny.

 Swatch| $79.00

  1. Swatch Puntarossa Ladies Silicone Strap Watch Gr172


There is nothing like a bright colored timepiece to keep you perked up all day. Ditch your boring black wrist watches and add a little pop of color to your wardrobe. This Swatch creation is a fine blend of engineering and revolutionary design that is guaranteed to make heads turn.

Swatch| $45.00

  1. Swatch SKINSKIN Unisex Watch SVUT100


This bronze colored round plastic watch by Swatch will give you the versatility that you need in your ensemble. Its neutral color will blend in with everything you wear and its accuracy of time will ensure that you are never running late. Its water resistance feature means you can wear it in all seasons!

Swatch| $108.00

  1. Swatch SUOB704 dark rebel black silicone strap black dial unisex watch NEW


Black can never truly be out of fashion. It is eternal and this is why you need a watch that is timeless. This black watch by Swatch is trendy, classy and suitable for people of all ages. With water resistant design made of unique mineral crystal is work of art. If you are looking for a watch that will last you a generation, then you can confidently choose Swatch.

Swatch| $57.00

  1. Swatch Originals SUON122 Multicolor Rubber Analog Quartz Fashion Watch


Who doesn’t like to have a little pop and bang in their outfit? However, being too flashy can also be very distracting. This is why you need this watch from Swatch that has the right measure of oomph factor to make your outfit look jazzy, without demanding too much attention. This watch has chic, multicolor rubber strap that gives you flexibility you need in the early morning rush. Just strap it on and don’t worry about it not matching your outfit! 

Swatch| $74.00

  1. Swatch GG219 Candy Parlour White Dial Orange Silicone Band Women Watch NEW


Multicolor straps affixed in green, translucent dial make this watch pleasantly aesthetic. Made in analog style, this watch is scratch resistant which makes it ideal for your daily wear. It is also water resistant so don't be scared to wear it during rain and snow. This casual ladies watch is a perfect gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

Swatch| $47.00 

  1. Swatch PINKINDESCENT Ladies Watch LK354C


Pink is a woman’s color and she knows exactly how to sport it. This watch designed with silicone strap and classic Swiss Quartz movement is what every woman should have. The light pink color goes well with every attire and its simple design looks ethereal and stylish. However, don't be fooled by its soft appearance because it comes with durability guarantee that Swatch is known for. 

Swatch| $43.00

  1. Swatch MINT HALO Ladies Silicone Strap Watch YLS193


Being an adult doesn’t have to rob you of the child in you! You can still make your wardrobe playful by wearing accessories that are bright and cheerful. Swatch is known to create timepieces that caters to all kinds of customers. However, don't be swayed by its minty color because it is backed by Swatch’s efficiency and engineering.

Swatch| $64.00

  1. Swatch Women's Originals LL116B Multi Plastic Swiss Quartz Watch


If you need a stylish watch that comes with quality guarantee, then Swatch has the perfect timepiece for you. Straight from its original collection, this watch can be used in any season and has a trendy design that can complete any ensemble. This ladies’ watch is an absolute must have for anyone who likes to collect versatile timepieces.

Swatch| $32.00

  1. Swatch Popmoving White


Have you ever wanted a watch that was minimal, stylish, versatile and yet affordable? This watch by Swatch has all that and more. From simplistic design to perfect engineering, Swatch introduced a product that is suitable for men of all age. You can wear it to work with just as much alacrity as college!

Swatch| $60.00

  1. Swatch Fun In Blue Green Dial Multi Plastic Silicone Quartz Ladies Watch LV117


This water resistant watch is a wardrobe must have. Straight from the original collection of Swatch, this watch has the perfect blend of style and convenience that will make this timepiece an ideal addition to your wardrobe. Accessorize your boring office outfit with this snazzy watch and make heads turn! You can wear it everyday without fearing the regular wear and tear.

Swatch| $49.00                 

  1. Swatch Men's SVCK4032G Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Gold-Tone Dial


Nothing speaks of class and elegance the way golden watches do. This round watch has chronograph sub dials and glowing hands to tell accurate time, even in the dark. What makes it classier is the stainless steel golden band that completes your business attire perfectly. Pair it with your regular office clothes or sport it on a black-tie event, this watch will never fail to complete the ensemble.

Swatch| $96.00

  1. Swatch Sheerchic Silver Dial Beige Silicone Strap Ladies Watch GT107


Are you someone who is almost always on the go? In that case, time is of essence to you! Sheerchic watch by Swatch is the perfect accessory to your travel repository. This scratch resistant timepiece is all-weather friendly and is designed with silver tone dial complete with glowing hands and golden numbers. It also comes with 2-year warranty, making it a trusted travel companion. 

Swatch| $44.00

  1. Swatch Lattea Silver Dial Lades Watch SFE105


Combination of silver and gold is a classic example of elegance. This watch is a work of art with its silver body and gold concentric circles in the middle of the dial. This women’s watch is a must-have for you if you like to keep versatile timepieces. This watch will go beautifully with golden and silver accessories.

Swatch| $79.00

  1. Swatch Men's Skeletor SUOB134 Black Rubber Swiss Quartz Watch


Swatch has mastered the watch engineering, but it also has a pretty good handle on design as well. This scratch resistant watch for men has Arabic numeral numbers and fashionable finish that makes your ensemble sharp and complete. Don't be fooled by its simple design, it is just as functional and will soon become an irreplaceable part of your wardrobe.

Swatch| $57.00

  1. swatch Women's SFK300G Stainless Steel Watch


Floral designs are timeless and almost never go out of fashion. They are also a woman’s favorite, when it comes to feminine designs. This watch from Swatch is simple, elegant and can double up as a stainless steel bracelet. Match your classy watch with your girly bathing suit because you can wear it while you are swimming! Its water resistance feature can make this watch wearable up to 65ft!

Swatch| $78.00

  1. Swatch Unisex Silicone Band Plastic Case Quartz Silver-Tone Dial Analog Watch SFE108


Swatch SFE108 Archi-Mix Thin Liner unisex watch is scratch resistant which is perfect for everyday wear. Its silicone band is durable and features luminous hands. You can also order this watch in an exclusive gift box and surprise your dear ones with a unique, quality gift. Moreover, it is water resistant up to 30 meters which means you can wear it in all weathers.

Swatch| $78.00

  1. Swatch Women's Guimauve GP148 Pink Rubber Swiss Quartz Watch


Swatch GP148 Archi-Mix Guimauve unisex watch is class apart. Its unique design can be worn by either men or women. Its pink dial and pink silicone strap is so subtle that it goes with everything you wear. Just strap it on on your way to college or a day out with friends! It is guaranteed to complement your every outfit.

Swatch: $44.00

  1. Swatch Unisex SUON106 For the Love of K Blue Polka Dot Watch

Navy blue watch with cute polka dots is a think of style and trend. Pair it with your denims or a cute summer dress for a finished look. If you are someone who likes to accessorize their ensemble, this watch is an absolute must-have. It is resistant to water splashes so you can confidently wear it during rainy seasons.


Swatch| $63.00

  1. Swatch SUTW400 Sistem51 - Sistem White Automatic Watch


This watch is designed in such a way that it is certain to catch your attention. This timepiece is subtle, yet stylish and functional. The white dial works like a charm in completing the look. You can team it with a professional outfit or wear it to college everyday. You will not only look smart but its accuracy will always keep you on time.

Swatch| $102.00

  1. Swatch FIORINELLA Watch SUOW127


When spring is round the corner, you want everything in your wardrobe to look blossomy. This watch fits right in! With its bright pink dial and and multicolored floral print, you can make any outfit standout. Wear it yourself or gift it to someone special, they will always thank you for your kind consideration!

Swatch| $74.00

  1. Swatch Unisex SUSW404 Chromograph Analog Display Quartz White Watch


Swatch has perfected the art of giving you the best designs wrapped in sophisticated engineering. This watch with its multicolored dial is all you need to spruce up your plain outfit. Made from durable materials, you can confidently wear it everyday, without worrying about its regular wear and tear. What’s more? You get a scratch resistant material which significantly lowers its upkeep! 

Swatch| $109.00

  1. Swatch Color Explosion Multicolor Dial Plastic Rubber Quartz Men's Watch SUOV101


Watch is an important accessory and an everyday wear item. Swatch gives you flawless designs and durable timepieces that will last you a long time. This watch has a funky dial that makes it playful. But its subtle purple band keeps the playfulness in check in correct measure. Don't be scared to wear this one to work, its unique design will be able to pull it off!

Swatch| $58.00

  1. Swatch Unisex SUOB715 Originals Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch


The combination of black and white is eternal. This is why Swatch has mixed its fine quality in a timeless design to give you a watch that can not only promise you durability but also unique style. This analog watch is water resistant and carries a sporty look to suit your everyday accessory needs. 

Swatch| $55.00

  1. Swatch Women's New Gent SUOK125 Pink Plastic Swiss Quartz Watch


Being adult doesn’t have to be boring. You can always introduce some spirit in your ensemble by accessorizing it with funky colors. If playfulness is on your mind, then what you need is this new watch from Swatch that features vibrant colored strap. Take it with you on all your adventures because it can take the beating of a changing weather.

Swatch| $57.00

  1. SWATCH SUON700 rebel blue dial silicone strap men watch NEW


Swatch is known to develop stylish and affordable timepieces for people who want fashion and durability in a pocket friendly way. This rebel design is perfect for the man in you who likes to wear accessories that are a reflection of their personality. Tough and subtle, this one is sure to fit right in.

Swatch| $55.00

  1. Swatch Matelot White Dial Blue Plastic Band Quartz Woman's Watch LN149


From Swatch originals collection, this watch is what class and quality is made of. In simple navy blue color, you get a playful mix of red and white to spice things up. Water and splash resistant, this watch can be worn everyday. It is very easy to pair this watch with any outfit and watch it blend perfectly. 

Swatch| $45.00

  1. Swatch GE250 Snowshine Silver Silicone Strap Watch


Swatch GE250 Snowshine Silver Silicone Strap Watch is a perfect gift for that special someone in your life. She will love the minimal style combined with subtle bling that makes this watch ideal for the feminine in her. Be it an office wear or a casual movie look, this watch will complement all kinds of clothing.

Swatch| $59.00

  1. Watch SWATCH LL118


There is nothing like pop muted colors that can make you sport stylish accessories confidently! This watch from Swatch is a fashionable combination of mint and pink that makes it playful and funky at the same time. Straight from Swatch’s original collection, this watch is just the right amount of drama you need to spice up your outfit.

Swatch| $46.00

  1. Swatch PNO100 Originals Pop POPover Unisex Watch


Summers are in full swing and this bright yellow/orange watch is right in the sunny feels! Get a fine mix of groovy style with quality and durability that Swatch is known for. You can wear it everyday, without worrying about its upkeep. This low-maintenance high quality watch is a must have for everyone.

Swatch| $77.00

  1. Swatch SUOZ148 sunray glam white rubber strap unisex watch NEW


Nothing speaks glamor the way combination of white and gold does. This watch from Swatch has taken the two most important elements of class and put them together in an affordable timepiece. Get the best of Swatch in this sunray glam watch that features high quality white rubber strap with golden dial. It is a perfect addiction to your office accessories repository.  

Swatch| $60.00

  1. Swatch Men's YAS100G Automatic See Through Dial Crystal Watch


Men like to keep their accessories simple and sturdy. This is why they choose Swatch over any other brand! This Automatic see through dial crystal watch has all that and more. From water resistance feature to Swiss ETA automatic movement, this watch is designed to impress. Wear it for your casual evening date or an important client meeting, it is guaranteed to leave an impression behind!

Swatch| $158.00

  1. Swatch Maglietta Men'S Silicone Strap Watch Suow140


Watches have now become much more than a mere functional accessory. They are so much more than that. This watch has been designed carefully using French Atlantic Coastline theme that is perfect beach ensemble add-on. You can finish your beach-ready look with this round, stylish watch from Swatch. The classic combination of blue, white and red makes it trendier and easy to pair.

Swatch| $54.00

  1. Swatch Buchetti Green Skeleton Dial Plastic Rubber Quartz Men's Watch SUON113


Who likes a boring watch with no style statement whatsoever? Swatch has introduced this latest style for men in subtle hues of navy blue strap and green dial that has the right amount of spirit and seriousness. Men can easily pair this watch with their casual evening-with-friends look or wear it to college everyday.

Swatch| $45.00

  1. Swatch Girl's Gent GE246 Clear Suede Swiss Quartz Watch


Classic Swiss watch designed specifically for a girl has the bouncy look and spirited design. The clear suede strap makes it look classy and its multicolored dial means it can be paired with multiple outfits. Gift it to your daughter, sister or girlfriend and pleasantly surprise them. They are guaranteed to love their new watch.   

Swatch| $64.00

  1. Swatch White Dial White Silicone Quartz Chronograph Men's Watch YYS4005


What is a men’s watch that doesn’t sport a chronograph? This is why Swatch has come up with a perfect design that encompasses elements of style, durability and masculinity into one! If you need a watch that can be timeless and long lasting, then this is the one you ought to buy.

Swatch| $112.00

  1. Swatch Masterglam Ladies Stainless Steel Band Watch Lk369G


Nothing like winning your lady love’s heart by gifting her a glamourous watch. Worried about breaking a bank? Don't think too much and straight up order Swatch Masterglam Ladies Stainless Steel Band Watch for her. She will not only love the golden polished look that effortlessly demands attention, but also sophisticated design that makes this wrist watch stand out. What’s more? It is well within your budget too!

Swatch| $48.00

  1. Swatch Men's YIS400 Sistem Earth Sistem51 Irony Analog Automatic Watch


Classic Swatch timepiece with a brown strap and automatic dial, this one is guaranteed to make you fall in love with watches all over again. The silver bezel with white dial sitting on a brown strap is what perfect combinations are made of. If you are the conservative type and like to keep your accessories minimal, then this watch has been designed specially for you.

Swatch| $144.00

  1. Swatch Metal Knit Quartz Resin Watch SFM118M


When you have sublime style on your mind, then you should definitely look into this watch. Made of stainless steel, it features a silver dial to complete the look. You can pair it with your elegant evening dress, sophisticated office wear or even a summer dress. The beauty of this watch lies in its versatility. 

Swatch| $122.00

  1. Swatch Women's 41mm Gold-Tone Plastic Band & Case Quartz Analog Watch SUOK122


What is life without a little bling? This golden watch has your needs for style and punctuality all figured out. You can buy it for yourself or also as a gift. If you think being chic and trendy means loud and flashy, then you haven’t seen the power of delicate accessories! Get this Swatch Originals watch if you are a power dresser.

Swatch| $45.00

  1. Swatch Rubine Rebel Pink Dial Plastic Silicone Quartz Ladies Watch SUOR704


Sporting hot pink take a lot of courage and only a rebel can do that stylishly with ease. If you are a rebel at heart and want your ensemble to reflect that, then you need this bright pink watch in your life. Swatch has designed this one specially for someone who doesn’t blindly follow trends and believes in making their own style statements.

Swatch| $49.00

  1. SWATCH watches POP POPiness PNW103 [regular imported goods]


The whole idea behind accessories is that they can be fun, interesting, elegant, rebellious or anything you want them to be. Watches form an important part of the accessories and Swatch knows that better than anyone else. This watch has been crafted to keep things groovy, without ever compromising the importance of timekeeping.

Swatch| $56.00

  1. Swatch SUOR106 Swiss Around The Clock Mens Watch

Men’s red watch from Swatch is meant for bold men who can sport funky accessories with a charm. Get the best of both worlds with this watch. Not only is it a stylish design but is also powered by Swatch’s reliable technology. This one is guaranteed to last you a long time and a quirky piece never really goes out of fashion.

Swatch| $75.00 

  1. Swatch Men's New Gent SUOG109 Green Silicone Quartz Watch


Are you someone who likes to have a little fun with their attire? If so, you are in luck because Swatch has the perfect accessory for you that is playful and also functional. You can choose from all kinds of metallic and fun designs. But this one is class apart. This multicolored watch will certainly catch anyone’s eye and the sleek detailing makes it fun to wear, without going too over the top. 

Swatch| 59.00

  1. Swatch GN242 1 2 3 Soleil Multicolour Silicone Strap Watch


Blue watch with yellow dial and green hands is a beautiful combination of colors fitted in a durable timepiece offered by Swatch. All the colors on this watch are neutral, which means that you can confidently pair it with any outfit you want. It is also water resistant, making it wearable in all weather conditions.

Swatch| $58.00

  1. Swatch DOTTAMI Unisex Watch SUUK107


There is something about polka dots that makes them so adorable. This watch from Swatch has used this cute design to craft a sturdy piece that is perfect for your little girl. You can gift your daughter this watch and make her happy beyond words. See her sport this stylish watch with her pretty little dresses, finishing the endearing look.

Swatch| $64.00

  1. Swatch Zebratian Black and White Unisex Watch SUOW706


This black and white watch from Swatch is carefully designed to keep things simple and stylish. Pair it with your casual clothes, office wear or any other outfit that you think needs a sublime, branded accessory. Made of silicone, this watch is not just stylish but also built to last you a long time.

Swatch| $68.00

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