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This sports bra is an absolute classic in every woman’s collection as it is versatile – play it safe by putting a tank over it or show off those abs by wearing it as is with a pair of cycling shorts or tights. On the Nike website, this bra is described a “medium support sports bra that has a compression fit and V back straps that help with the support and a full range of motion during work out.” Now, how is that for a sports bra?


Nike | $64

 (2) Women’s Nike Sportswear Gym Vintage Pant

First of all, does this pair of pants not look comfortable to you? Do you not want to be in these pair all day, every day? The Nike website states that these women’s logo joggers are made “for all day comfort and a fit that moves with you.” Imagine having to work out with a lot of stretches and having to worry that your bottoms will rip because of it. Well, worry no more with this pair on hand as it promises to give you the utmost comfort with maximum use. Oh, and it is pretty stylish, too.

Nike | $79


(3) Nike Court Racerback Pure Tennis Dress

For the lovely tennis girls out there, you know that a tennis dress is an essential in your closet – it is one of the few sports, if not the only sport, that allows you to wear a dress and look cute while sweating it out. Described as a piece that allows “comfort in motion”, what reason do you have to skip out on a piece like this?

Nike | $128

(4) Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Legend 2.0 Slim Capris in Black

Made with Dri-Fit fabric that helps keep you dry and comfortable, these pants are a definite staple in your workout clothing collection. In addition to that, these capris offer a slim and figure-flattering fit, which a lot of women attest to based on reviews – most women mention that “they fit true to size” and “will be buying more pairs.” So ladies, time to trust them!


Nike | $69

 (5) Nike Women’s Pro Cool Training Tank Top

According to the Nike website, this top “helps keep you cool and moving freely during your workout.”  It features Dri-Fit technology, a mesh back panel, and a V-back design for that extra air needed for your body during a sweaty session. Also, this top has a fitted silhouette which is perfect for layering on top of sports bras – it can perfect on its own or on top of a fitted bodysuit for that extra layer and pop of color.


Nike | $72

 (6) Women’s Nike Training Short

These pair of shorts features two looks – mesh on one side and jersey on another. With the presence of the mesh, you need not worry about sweat getting trapped as it provides ample ventilation. More features include a Dri-Fit fabric that helps keep you dry and comfortable throughout your workout and a shaped hem that curves up on the hip for enhances mobility. Wearing shorts has never been more useful than with this pair on hand.


Nike | $50

 (7) Nike Women’s Gym Vintage Tank

Nike mentions that this top has a “super soft feel with a natural fit.” For the organic lovers out there, this may be the workout item to invest on as it features organic cotton for soft feel. In addition to that, it is a racerback style with large armholes that will allow for a natural range of motion – definitely important for the weightlifting ladies out there. Lastly, it features a drop-tail hem for natural comfort. With this top, it is comfort everywhere – now, who can complain?

Nike | $75

 (8) Women’s Nike Lightweight No-Show Socks

This product is well-reviewed by a number of customers, which means that it must really be that good and well its worth. According to them, this set of socks is made of good quality material and will withstand a tough workout session – it is soft and thin – definitely made to absorb sweat. In addition to that, customers mention that for three pairs of socks that are thin and durable, it is well worth its price and no set of socks will come close to beating it.

Nike | $20

 (9) Nike Pro Classic Padded Women’s Sports Bra

For all those looking for a medium support bra that is light-weight, look no more as you have found the sports bra to invest in. This sports bra is a classic as it features a compression fit and a racerback style for an extra perfect fit and tight support while allowing your skin to breathe. Oh, and for those who are not big fans of the pads, you may remove them to customize it to your shape and get the coverage you are looking for.


Nike | $88

 (10) Nike Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Women’s Running Top

The relaxed fit of this top flows through your body for the ultimate comfort experience. It features a semi-sheer Dri-Fit material that works perspiration away from the body, towards the cloth where it can easily evaporate. Also, looking at the sheerness of the top – it is perfect for layering on top of your sports bra for the perfect running experience – enjoy the cool breeze as you stride through the treadmill or jog through the streets.


Nike | $50

 (11) Nike Women’s Nike Court Tennis Skirt in White/Birchheather

Though this is labeled a tennis skirt, it actually has built-in shorts. This product also features an elastic waistband with a front draw cord to for utmost security as you are running around the court. Do not let the appearance fool you as this skirt also has side pockets. Now, how is that for a simple looking skirt?


Nike | $69

 (12) Nike Women’s Dry Fit Element Half Zip Running Top

According to the website, this product is designed with “soft, sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable mile after mile.”  Most Nike active wear products feature its Dri-Fit technology, and this, too, does not fail. It also includes thumbholes at the cuffs for an enhanced fit as well as warmth. Lastly, its stretch fabric allows for a natural range of motion. Thinking about buying this for your run, yet? Highly reviewed by hundreds of women signify that you should just buy it.


Nike | $164

 (13) Nike Women’s Vintage Full Zip Hoodie

This hoodie allows for a full zip up to your chin for warmth and comfort while you are out and about. Moreover, it has an adjustable hood that you can tailor to your own fitting and personal liking. Lastly, it has a split kangaroo pocket in case you will need to place anything important. This jacket is versatile as most consumers use it on a day-today basis and love it – one mentions that it is “stylish and useful” – she uses it post work-out as she feels the weight is just right and it does the job of keeping her warm, most especially during the night.

Nike | $200

 (14) Nike Pro Women’s Capri Pants

This capri pant is highly rated on the Nike website and for good reason, too. Nike mentions that it gives off a “cooling comfort” and users cannot agree more. One customer mentions that they fit a little snug and last for a very long time – and so, she bought it in all colors. Well, if something is that great, then it is best to get it all, right?


Nike | $83

 (15) Nike Pro Women’s Training Tights

These tights are comfortable and cooling with its featured mesh panels to allow for ample ventilation while working out. Work out to your heart’s content as it is made with a stretchy and sweat-wicking fabric to help keep you dry and keep you cool, all at once. Now this is one product that boasts of classic style with maximum comfort.


Nike | $103

 (16) Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Cool Breeze Strappy Running Tank Top

A sheer strappy tank top allows for layering underneath as it is light in material. The polyester fabric not only helps in it being light, but also sweat-absorbent. Also, this top has a longer hem and a scoop neck for a more comfortable and non-restrictive fit. There is a reason why this top is highly rated, too, as it provides just what Nike claims while keeping it classy and stylish.


Nike | $88

 (17) Nike Women’s Long Sleeve Legend Shirt

This top boasts of an antimicrobial finish that controls odor – something that both men and women worry about during and after their workout. It features the Dri-Fit technology which helps keep you dry, a feature unique to Nike. Style wise, it has wide long sleeves and an open neck design to keep you covered but flexible at the same time. Sold much? We know we are.


Nike | $26

(18) Nike Women’s Elastika Training Tank

According to users, this is one of the tops to have from Nike. Paired with a sports bra underneath, this top gives you the stylish yet comfortable look and feel that is needed when exercising. One thing to note, though, is that this top is not stretchy – so get a size that fits true to you. Because of its simple and laid-back style, most women have bought it in all colors because they cannot get enough use out of it. Now, we think that you should be one of those women, too.  


Nike | $62

 (19) Women’s Nike Dry Tempo Running Short

These pair of shorts has an embossed graphic, which already gives it its edge in style. It also features the classic Nike Dri-Fit technology and it has a trimmed up design for a flattering fit. On the side, there are mesh panel insets to help keep you cool during your work out. Lastly, the design of these shorts is streamlined in such a way that it reduces excess material in the back for a more flattering fit. Sold yet? We know we are.


Nike | $89

 (20) Nike Women’s Legend 2.0 V-Neck Training Tee

It is essential to have a training tee in every woman’s athletic collection. What is good about this particular tee is that the material is not too thin or thick, making it the perfect material that is needed for comfort. It also features the Nike Dri-Fit technology to keep you dry throughout and after your workout. Most importantly, it comes in different colors – so for the women who love having a vast athletic collection, it is time to invest in all.


Nike | $34

 (21) Nike Printed Tempo Running Shorts

These pair of shorts is known to be a best seller for a reason – it features built-in Dri-Fit briefs, contrasting side panels with mesh that allows for a more comfortable and breathable workout session, and has internal pockets. In terms of style, it simply a classic style that cannot be beaten. Oh, and it comes in various colors and prints, too – go on, we know you want to buy them all!


Nike | $72

 (22) Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3-Inch Compression Shorts

This is one product that is rated highly by a number of consumers on the Nike website. Over 200 reviews, all pointing to the same thing – comfort. All users mention that these shorts are extremely comfortable and fit perfectly as it takes on the shape of your body. In addition to that, it is durable and durable enough to be used in racing or even triathlons as it promotes “mobility and a snug-fitting comfort.” Trust the women, you will want to have this in your collection.


Nike | $60

(23) Nike Women’s Airborne II Tank Top

Featuring the unique Dri-Fit technology by Nike in a supportive fit, it is designed for medium-impact workouts to help with easy movement, it is lightweight, it has a built-in bra for that additional support, it is of a racerback style, has a scoop neck, and wide arm holes so that you do not feel any type of restriction – all while providing you with durability and comfort. If that is not enough to buy this, then what is?


Nike | $61

 (24) Nike Women’s Sportswear Advance 15 Hooded Full Zip Jacket

This jacket is the ultimate jacket because of its versatility and use. It is made up of double jersey knit fabric so that you can stay warm during the cold months. In addition to that, it has a full frontal zipper so that you may adjust to your liking. Lastly, it has a drop cape design at the back for that extra coverage. So for those cold and rainy days, you know which jacket to bring.


Nike | $99

 (25) Women's Nike Sportswear Leg-A-See Tight

These pair of tights is made out of synthetic material, has a drawstring closure to keep it extra secure, has a stretchy fabric for a curve-hugging and flattering look, and includes the Nike motto “Just Do It” down the right leg. So for those around you who feel sluggish, just wear these tights around them to remind them that they have got to just do it.


Nike | $88

 (26) Nike Women’s Flex Training Short

According to the Nike website, these shorts have a “snug comfort while giving you the freedom to move.” Contradicting? Let us explain. It features vented side seams and built-in compression shorts that allows a full range of motion and more importantly, a locked in coverage during your workout. Plus, have you seen any pair of shorts that is this stylish and functional? We know we have not.


Nike | $68

 (27) Women’s Nike Black Dri-Fit Tournament Tech Golf Skort

Made out of pure cotton, features the Dri-Fit technology, inclusive of front and back pockets, AND stylish – what more could you ask for? This skort is meant for playing golf, but would you only really use it for playing golf given how classy this looks? Also comes in a variety of colors, so take your pick!


Nike | $115

 (28) Nike Women’s 3-Pair Dri-Fit Lightweight No-Show Socks

Made out of cotton, features the Dri-fit technology, has a supportive fit with arch compression, and comes in a pack of three. Can socks get any better? We are really not sure, but consumers cannot get enough of it either. They mention that these pairs of socks are thick – perfect for running or high intensity workouts.

Nike | $29

(29) Nike Women’s Nike Court Pure Tennis Skirt

According to the website, this skirt provides “maximum mobility.” Reviewers agree with this and mention that despite it being cute, it is “very, very comfortable” as the material is soft. In fact, they go on to mention that because this style comes in different colors, they will purchase it all. Smart women – they know what is worth investing in.


Nike | $108

 (30) Nike Club Logo 2 Leggings

Always keep a classy pair of leggings in your closet – this one is definitely a must have. Comfort and athletic style are both combined in this one piece – it is made out of stretchy fabric, which is absolutely important for those days wherein you just have to keep going. So on days that you cannot catch a break, throw in this pair of leggings with a long shirt. Keep it classy, keep it simple.


Nike | $59

 (31) Nike Pro Cool Indy Dri

Nike describes this bra as “soft and lightweight for limitless movement.” They go on to mention it offers light support and a dry and comfortable fit during low-impact high-energy workouts such as walking, weight training, and yoga. This product has a lot of good reviews with a lot of them describing this item as their “go-to sports bra” as it is comfortable and provides great support. Here is a pro tip: If the chest band becomes too loose, wash it – it does the trick.


Nike | $45

 (32) Nike W NSW HOODIE SS FLC #803985-063

In the back of this hoodie, there is fleece fabric for a soft feel against the skin. With that said, who would not be sold already? But other features include a cozy hood that is lined with jersey for warmth and comfort and a hem that hits mid-thigh for a comfortable fit. This style comes in various colors, so be sure to buy your favorite one..or just buy all – you never know when you might need it!


Nike | $60

 (33) Nike Pro Classic Women’s Sports Bra in White

Nike describes this piece as “Classic Style, Versatile Performance.” We could not agree more as this can be paired with a sheer tank over top or worn on its own with a pair of shorts or tights. Whatever your pick may be, know that you will always look fabulous wearing a classic piece. So, what are you waiting for? Do not just buy one, buy all.


Nike | $30

 (34) Nike Women’s Gym Vintage Short

These pair of shorts provides for an ultra soft comfort with a soft and lightweight fabric. Some of the features of this product include a wide waistband with draw cord, front patch pockets, and a vented hem that gives a natural feel. Based on reviews, women cannot get enough of this product as it is versatile – perfect for chilling out, casually going out, or going for an intense workout. Trust that these pair of shorts will do it all for you.


Nike | $90

(35) Nike Women’s Victory Sleeveless Polo Shirt

This polo features Nike’s Dri-Fit technology which helps in the absorption of sweat and keeps you dry as you are exercising, side vents for breathability, and is sleeveless in order for you to move freely. This polo is perfect for playing tennis or golf as it will match well with skirts and skorts. How’s that for a preppy exercise?


Nike | $82

(36) Nike Women’s Tank Top 778696

This top has a racerback style with the iconic Nike logo on the chest area. In addition to that, it is a scoop neck with wide arm holes for easy movement. With this top, you have all the things going for you as comfort is not at all compromised. Of course, as with most Nike athletic wear, this tank top boasts of the Nike Dri-Fit technology, designed to keep you dry while working out. This tank top is obviously a classic and classics are not to be missed out on – time to buy yours!


Nike | $32

 (37) Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Neon Slub Tank Top

This tank top is made of polyester and cotton and some of its features include a rib crewneck tank, wide armholes for a better range of motion, Dri-Fit fabric, and reflective elements for visibility. This tank is perfect to layer on strapless tops or sports bras as it is thin, soft, and sheer – all of which are needed to give you the utmost comfort while working out.


Nike | $29

 (38) Nike Women’s Gung-Ho Polo

Ever thought about looking sweet while having an intense workout? You might want to change your mind with this top. It has a contrast piping detail at the seam of the shoulder that gives it its natural sweet style, it is made out of a double knit pique fabric for its thickness, the classic Nike logo is embroidered at the upper right chest, and it is completely made out of polyester which is known to be one of the best sweat-absorbing fabrics. What they say is right – It’s the nice and sweet girls that end up surprising you.


Nike | $40

 (39) Nike Women’s Pro Hero High Support Sports Bra

According to the Nike website, this bra is specifically made for those with high intensity workouts. As mentioned there, it is “fitted support for intense workouts” – the bra is designed with a molded fit for a more comfortable and defined support during your most intense workouts. It also features wide and adjustable straps and a hook & eye clasp for a more customized fit. Customers attest to this as they shower it with compliments, mentioning that it provides them with great support during their runs, cardio workouts, and other sports.


Nike | $170

 (40) Nike Women’s Swoosh Bra

Some of the features of this product include Nike’s Dri-Fit technology, compression for a snug support while working out, and low racerback straps which allow for a full range of motion. This product is highly rated, so you have to believe the customers when they say that it does the job. And for the tall girls out there, the length of this bra may surprise you – it has a longer torso. How’s that for a perfect sports bra?


Nike | $72

(41) Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Epic Run Crop in Royal Blue/Reflective Workout

This product features Nike’s Dri-Fit technology, a sweat-wicking stretch fabric to help keep you dry during and after an intense workout. In addition to that, this pair is mid-rise crop tights – perfect to pair with a sports bra or a crop top. Lastly, it has a wide stretch waist with an interior draw cord for that extra support and personalized comfort.


Nike | $59

(42) Nike Pro Hypercool Frequency Women’s Training Capris

The Hypercool line is designed with a lightweight fabric in a body-hugging fit and almost seamless construction which allows for total movement with ease and comfort during intensive workouts. Because these capris are ultra light, you may wear it on its own or as a base layer for something else such as shorts. As with most Nike athletic wear, this, too, features the Dri-Fit technology. Most importantly, look at how cool that looks – do you not want this in your closet?


Nike | $79

(43) Nike Women’s Nike Power Speed Tight

For this product, it features the Nike Power fabric which provides stretch and support Also, these pair of tights has a zippered pocket with a vapor barrier which helps keep small items dry and secure throughout your workout. And interestingly enough, this product utilizes an innovative graphic design inspired by lane lines on a track – according to the website, it is “strategically applied along the IT band and across key muscles for support and compressive feel while running.” – In short, it provides engineered support.


Nike | $129

 (44) Nike Women’s Pro Training Capris

These pair of capris feature mesh panels and a compressed fit for ventilated comfort that is made for you to move around with ease. At the top, you can see an elastic waistband which is meant to offer a snug and comfortable fit. Because of the lightness of the fabric, it is meant to be tight to your skin and it can be layered with other bottoms. All in all, this is one piece that really does deliver cooling comfort.


Nike | $79

(45) Nike Women’s 3” Rival Running Shorts

With these shorts, you have the freedom to move around as it is made with stretchy, sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable with no worries as you are working out. It features the Nike Flex fabric which is meant to stretch with your body for a natural range of motion, it has a wide waistband with mesh for ventilated comfort, two zip pockets, and a waterproof zip pocket at the back, and reflective details to help you stand out. It’s hard to believe, but this pair of shorts really does have it all.  


Nike | $70

 (46) Nike Women’s Sportswear Full-Zip Hoodie

This hoodie is made with lightweight fleece that will keep you warm throughout the day. All of us know that hoodies actually make you look bigger because of the way it is made. Nike, however, changed that by contouring it to your body for a modern and sleek fit. Customers love it because it is soft, extremely comfortable, and slimming – all of which Nike listed as its claims. Kudos to Nike!


Nike | $89

 (47) Nike Women’s Pro Hypercool Training Tank Top in Blue

This tank top is meant to give superior ventilation because the mesh panels are mapped to your body’s high sweat zones, giving it an enhanced breathability when it is needed most. It alos features a racer backdesign – a design that allows full range of motion as you work out. Lastly, Nike’s Dri-Fit technology gives it its sweat-absorbent quality – perfect for any and every kind of exercise.


Nike | $74

(48) Nike Women’s Sportswear Gym Vintage Hoodie

On Nike’s website, this hoodie is said to be “Soft with a light coverage.” Customers cannot agree more with this statement as they use it daily – stylish, light, and comfortable are three of the top most used words to describe this product. It is no wonder that they use it daily or carry it around with them – it is just a no hassle kind of piece.


Nike | $96

(49) Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Short Sleeve Crew Running Top

Here is a no-fuss, simple workout top. Use it on a casual day out, use it for running, or use it for an intense work out session – the possibilities are endless with this top. This top is made out of 100% polyester and features mesh back and shoulder to keep cool as well as Nike’s Dri-Fit technology to help keep you dry. Here’s a bonus: it is a lengthy top, so be sure to stretch to your heart’s content!


Nike | $33

(50) Nike Women’s Court Pure Tennis Top

According to the Nike website, this top provides you with advanced mobility – it helps keep you moving in the court with “super soft, breathable fabric.” Some of the benefits of this top include a sleek fit for full range of motion, a dropped back, and of course, Dri-Fit technology. This top comes in a wide range of colors, too. Take your pick, or just take all.


Nike | $108

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