MZUU presents a wide array of trendy and glamorous accessories

The MZ COMPANY is located in the heart of Seoul, Korea, is an up and coming jewelry design company specializing in a wide selection of handmade, unique jewelry designs.

The MDMZ line consists of innovative designs made personally by the head designer of the company, available only in limited quantity. The MZUU line presents a wide array of trendy and glamorous accessories.

The Rollips line is focused more towards consumers that are looking for original, trendy, and fun accessories.

All three lines present a wide variety of distinctively different jewelry accessory pieces that can appeal to a wide range of consumers.

This line represents a collection of pieces that not only reflect the current trends of today, but aims to lead the way in the ever-changing fashion industry.

With a selection of over 2500 pieces of various designs and concepts, this brand line has been extremely successful in attracting a wide range of consumers including famous celebrities, leaders in the fashion industry, and various top magazines including VOGUE, BAZAAR, ELLE, MARIE CLAIR, ALLURE, etc


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