10 Interesting Unknown Facts About Fashion

Fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon and ever since it made its way into the history of mankind, it has become a subject of fascination and interest. Every fashion statement that comes to the fore has a whole lot of creativity and history attached to it but there are some fashion statements that also carry interesting facts. So, here we present 10 interesting facts about fashion that will not just add to your knowledge but also amuse you to the hilt.

  1. First false eyelashes were made by a local wig maker

False eyelashes may be a common fashion statement these days but its history dates back to 1916. They came into being when Hollywood producer D.W. Griffith decided that actress Seena Owen, who was acting in his film “Intolerance,” would have long lashes touching her cheeks. They were made by weaving human hair through fine gauze.

  1. Underwire bra has killed two women

The underwire bra is the most popular bra these days but it has also claimed lives of two women. In 1999, two women died of electrocution due to their underwire bra as the underwire acted as a good conductor of electricity, giving electric shock to their bodies.

  1. Lipsticks contain fish scales

The glossy lipsticks have fish scales. The fish scales carry a pearlescent substance and thus, it was used in lipsticks to create a shimmering effect.

  1. Automobiles aided short skirt creation

Automobiles and cars impacted skirt fashion in a major way. They helped pave the way for short skirts as it was difficult to step in and out of the car in long skirts. So, the hemlines began moving upward to help women deal with automobiles comfortably.

  1. Women painted their legs to create illusion of stockings during World War II

World War II had created a scarcity of nylon as they were used in the manufacture of parachutes. This affected the pantyhose manufacturing and so, women resorted to painting their legs to create the illusion of pantyhose. They used instant gravy powder and eye makeup to make the paint.

  1. The thong was invented by New York mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia in 1939

When Fiorello Henry La Guardia, the ninety-ninth mayor of the New York City, saw bar dancers performing in the bars without any underwear, he was scandalized. He ordered the nude dancers to dress in an appropriate fashion and thus, tiny panties or thongs were sewn for them.

  1. Vintage fashion items have to conform to a time period

A fashion statement or item becomes vintage only if it 20-100 years old. Retro is, in fact, a replication of a vintage style or pattern that was popular during a particular time period.

  1. Low-waist baggy pants fashion originated in prisons

Loose low-waist pants are popularly associated with rappers but they came into being as a result of a restrictive rule. The inmates in Los Angeles prison were not allowed to wear belts around their waists. So, their pants could not stay in place and thus, hung loose below the waist.

  1. Baby bump was a fashion statement in fifteenth century

During the fifteenth century it was considered fashionable to be pregnant. So, many women faked baby bumps by stuffing pillows under their dress.

  1. Men wore high heels before 1740

Men also wore high heels as women before 1740 as it helped them in horse riding. It aided in mounting the horse and staying firm while sitting.


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