10 Interesting Facts About "Nike"

Nike is amongst the most renowned and the most popular sportswear brand in the world. Catering to the demands of the sports lovers for 50 years, Nike is well-known for its consistent adherence to quality, perfection, style and in-trend products. Time and gain, the brand had redefined “cool” and made the products the most coveted ones.

Here we present some interesting facts about the brand Nike that founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman:

  1. Nike’s first shoes were made using a Waffle Iron

While running, the athletes need a better grip on the track and this is the reason that the company made the use of the Waffle Iron. Waffle Iron created the grooved pattern in the shoes that helped in better grip and performance of the athletes.


  1. From Dimension 6 to Nike

The brand was initially on the verge of being named Dimension 6 and not Nike. However, luckily enough Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman choose “Nike,” the name which is synonymous with sports today.


  1. The Swoosh Logo

The swoosh logo of Nike was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic designing student of Portland State University. In 1983, she got just $35 for the logo designing, but later, the company gave her stocks of Nike, as a compensation for the logo design that has become widely popular today.


  1. The first athlete to promote Nike was Ilie Nastase

Way back in 1972, the first athlete, who signed a contract with Nike to promote the brand, was Ilie Nastase, a Romanian tennis player. Notably, he was the winner of two Grand Slam singles title.


  1. Michael Jordan for Air Jordan I

Nike roped in Michael Jordan for the brand endorsement for Air Jordan I, which was launched in 1985. At that time, Jordan was in the early years of his basketball career but he was already a favorite amongst fans and also featured in the cover of Sports Illustrated, which had the heading “A Star Is Born.” 


  1. Michael Jordan Declined to Promote Nike

Before signing as the brand endorser, Michael Jordan did not want to even meet Nike as he disliked the products. However, his parents forced him to meet and atleast decline the offer after having the meeting. But, Jordan did not decline and as all know, the rest is history.


  1. Beatles “Revolution” in commercial

In a 1987 advertisement of the brand’s Air Max shoes, the song “Revolution” from Beatles was used. It was also the first time that a TV commercial used a Beatles song.


  1. Bat Boots Designed by Nike designer

The boots that Batman wore in the first “Batman” movie, as well as, the hover boarding boots in Michael J. Fox's "Back to the Future part 2" were designed by Nike’s shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield.


  1. Patented Shoes with computing device

Nike has a shoe line with an embedded computing device that can communicate with the wearer through their smartphones. The brand has the design and the shoe line patented.


  1. Nike Recycles

“Nike Grind” is the recycled material that the company makes out of old Nike shoes. The material is then used to make playgrounds and tracks for children.



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