10 Interesting Facts About Fashion's Biggest Brands

Fashion and fashion trends are something that all the fashion conscious people follow like a religion. And, when it comes to a designer brand, we can hardly get over the pastel pink handbag that we saw at Michael Kors’ store window, or the stunning gold stilettoes from Christian Louboutin, during our last visit to the mall.

But, there are some quirky facts about the popular designer brands that we bet you did not know. So, here we present some quirky and interesting facts about 10 designer brands.

  1. Valentino

Italian designer, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, is a maestro when it comes to dressing women in something exquisite. An interesting fact about the designer is that he is an avid dog lover and he takes along his six pugs, whenever he is travelling. Moreover, one of his collections is also named after his dog, Oliver.

  1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is nothing less than a legendary brand, started way back in 1854. An interesting fact about this much-coveted brand is that the products that are unsold by the end of the season are taken back to the factory, where it is shredded and the burned. This is to ensure that the brand retains its value and class.

  1. Stella McCartney

Daughter of Beatles’ Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney is an animal right activist and a strict vegetarian. Her apparels as well as accessories are never made using fur or leather. Moreover, the shopping bags that her virtuous label uses are biodegradable as it is made of corn. 

  1. Karl Lagerfeld

German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld has multiple interests as apart from designing clothes, he loves photography and is an artist too. An interesting fact about this designer is that he owns a whopping 300,000 books and has also created a scent called “Paper Passion” for book lovers.

  1. Gucci

Gucci can be rightly called a super brand that celebrities, stylists as well as fashion enthusiasts swear by. And, the floral print scarf that is so popular now was first designed by Guccio Gucci’s son, Rodolfo Gucci, for Monaco’s Princess Grace in 1966.

  1. Christian Louboutin

French footwear designer, Christian Louboutin started designing shoes since he was a teenager. His footwear is famous for being sexy and perfect for evenings. An interesting line of wedding shoes from the designer had blue soles. The reason was to allow the brides to add the color blue to their wedding look.

  1. Chanel

Chanel redefines elegance and luxury with its line of haute couture, apparels, fashion accessories and luxury goods. It’s widely popular collection of bags, titled, 2.55 was named after its date of origin, February, 1955.

  1. Vera Wang

Vera Wang, a favorite Michelle Obama designer of the former First Lady, is known for her collection of wedding dresses and designer outfits. But an interest act is that the designer wanted to become an Olympic figure skater, before she became a designer.

  1. Michael Kors

American designer, Michael Kors is known for his collection of bags, watches, ready to wear apparels for men as well as women, jewelry, fragrances as well as footwear. Interestingly, the designer created his first design when he was aged five years and it was his mother’s wedding dress.

  1. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is a name in the fashion world that epitomizes artistry. An interesting fact about the designer is that he believed in psychics and visited one to determine the best day to showcase his collection.

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