The idea to create TOOCHE came because of the need in unique and beautiful sustainable footwear. 
While creating new items we always think about comfort and that is the reason we use felt from natural merino wool as a primary material. A distinctive feature of this type of wool is in its ability to keep the temperature at a comfort level. That is why your feet won’t freeze even when it is -25 C degrees and won’t sweat when it is +25 C degrees outside. Moreover, the wool is extremely soft and light, which adds extra comfort.

Each pair of shoes, a bag or accessory is carefully handcrafted in our manufactory in the centre of Riga. Bags are made from the same premium quality merino wool felt as shoes that is why we guarantee that they won't lose their shape and that the colour won't fade with time. Together with each pair of shoes or a bag, you get 2 years guarantee. 
TOOCHE brand is located in Riga, Latvia in 2015. But we ship internationally, and our shoes & bags are already worn in more than 20 countries around the world!

Handcrafted to the tiniest detail, carefully delivered to you, your TOOCHE shoes and bags will serve you at their best. The central point of our brand's philosophy is that we want YOU to become our co-creators. That is why everyone who orders from us has a chance to create their own designs of shoes by choosing colours for the wool, we have more than 25 different options! Any wish is possible, just contact us at any time and we will make your dreams come true!
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