Top 10 Interesting Facts About Louis Vuitton

Stepping out of a Louis Vuitton store, with a recently purchased arm candy, can give all the ladies a sense of an achievement. Well, it is truly an achievement considering the rich legacy of the brand that was established in 1854, by Louis Vuitton Malletier.

As you ready yourself to flaunt your Louis Vuitton bag, here are some interesting facts about the brand:

  1. Personal Box Maker and Packer of Napolean’s wife

Louis Vuitton worked as the personal box-maker and packer for the Emperor of the French, Napoleon’s wife, in 1852. This also got him an elite clientele as he established his first store in 1854 in Paris, after the world’s fair.

  1. Each Bag is Handcrafted

Till date, each item available at a Louis Vuitton store is handcrafted in France. And, each bag takes about a week to be completed. This is also the reason that makes each bag exquisite.

  1. Passionate and Particular for its Design

Every Louis Vuitton product is crafted with precision and the brand is very particular about its designs. This encouraged the brand to get its color combination and its striped pattern trademarked. Moreover, the brand introduced the Louis Vuitton monogram, to beat counterfeits.

  1. Waterproof and also Fireproof canvas used

Louis Vuitton bags are crafted from material that is not only waterproof, but also fireproof. It is the canvas that makes the bag waterproof and the PVC makes the bags fireproof. This is also the reason behind the LV bags being expensive.

  1. Unsold Products are Destroyed

Sadly enough, the products that are left behind after the end of a season are taken back to the factory, where they are shredded and burned. However, this is a way of ensuring that the brand retains its classy value.

  1. Chanel Carried Louis Vuitton’s Alma

Chanel carried the Alma bag from Louis Vuitton. It is also the only other bag that she ever carried, apart from her own designs. The Alma is an extremely popular bag that perfectly balances the sophisticated look with a chic and stylish appeal.

  1. Strangest Campaign with USSR President

Louis Vuitton has been a brand that celebrities swear by and on multiple occasions, stars like Madonna and Angelina Jolie were seen carrying a LV. However, the strangest campaign had Mikhail Gorbachev, the President of the USSR, posing for the brand.

  1. Rigorous Testing Procedure

Every product from the Louis Vuitton brand undergoes rigorous testing. Be it a bags or jewelry, the products are tested for durability, endurance, resistance to fading and multiple other tests to ensure that the product that reaches the customer’s hand is user-friendly and also rough and tough.

  1. Never on Discounts

Louis Vuitton never offers its merchandise on discounts, no matter what the season.

  1. Five Boutiques on the Same Street

Nevada houses five Louis Vuitton boutiques with exquisite products. But, the surprising factor is that it is in the same city and to be precise, on the same street.


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